Dog's Life: A Day At Crufts 2018



Morning! I'm heading to the world's biggest dog event today at the NEC in Birmingham. Yes, it's that time of year again where all hairy, barking creatures, great and small, rule the land at Crufts. So I thought I'd write this to show you what's it's like being there. First wee pointer, I've been up since before 6am so I'm likely to be a) very tired and grumpy until lunchtime and b) flagging come tea time. But bare with me. Let's do the dogging!

After a rather foggy drive, we are in da house. Or actually the National Exhibition Centre. And I've just watched a dog have a massive jobby on the hall floor. Welcome to Crufts people!!

Starting the day with some agility, which eagle eyed readers will remember is my favourite dog based sport. *Cough, cough*

It's far from rammed this early in the morning. Could be troubling the Stadium of Light in the empty seats stakes. Dare say it'll fill up as the day goes on. Unlike in Sunderland...

The dog agility walkthrough is one of the most crazy things you'll see at Crufts. It's basically all the competitors walking around the course...but imagining they have their dog with them. They talk to their imaginary dog, guide them round with their hands and run as if it's really happening. It'd be like Ed Sheeran warming up for a gig but strumming an air guitar. Madness.

Watching some small agility and I've got two recommendations that would make this a better spectacle. 1) Make the small dogs just the same size long jump as the big dogs. 2) Add in a fire jump!

Next thing we have is some team agility. Sadly I've been informed that this isn't run in lanes where dogs are fighting for position as they head over the same seesaw. Imagine how good that would be?! Get me in charge of the Kennel Club and I'd revolutionise the sport. Who wants 1 dog running at a time when you could have 10!

Good news: There's a Scottish team in this event! Bad news: They've just had two eliminations and score 200 penalty points...

There was another team from my homeland who also competed in the team challenge. Yeah, they did even worse than the first lot. Let's just say Scotland + teams of dogs = could do better.

Moving away from the main arena and into the halls for a wee while. First stall we stop at is I Paint Your Pet. Yes, these are painting, not photos. A. Maz. Ing.