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Today's lineups:


In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are occasionally pretty..... Afternoon all, the 6Nations is back for the final push. We're here for the crowning of the 2018 champions

Amid much howling from English based media about bonus points "ruining" the title run in*, Ireland will pay all of that no mind, and go about their relentless business. *the wheels falling off that low slung chariot at Murrayfield did more damage than bonus points

Plenty to play for for Scotland too, a win here would open up one hell of a final weekend with 3, maybe 4 sides looking at a shot of winning the title. Stranger things have happened....

Not only am I having to watch Ireland for this (always a joyless experience), I'm having to watch this on bloody ITV and listen to the pained attempts at thought of Scott Hastings

Teams are out. There's a leprechaun looking chap being paraded in front of them, presumably some sort of mascot

Still shaking hands with the little fella...

First Irish anthem completed... they're special though, they get two

.....and adverts.....

Finn Russell will get things going, Wayne Barnes the man in the middle