Gibraltar Open: Final Day



Good morning and welcome to the final day's action from the Gilbraltar Open. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here to take you through the last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. All matches being best of 7. Timings are as follows (all UK): 9am: Last 16 12pm: Quarter-finals 3pm: Semi-Finals 7pm: Final The TV matches will not be confirmed until nearer the start times.

The last 16 line-up is as follows: Stuart Bingham v Ken Doherty Yu De Lu v Cao Yupeng Lee Walker v Anthony McGill Matthew Selt v Kyren Wilson Alfie Burden v Scott Donaldson Tian Pengfei v Zhang Yong Jack Lisowski v Joe Perry Ryan Day v Fang Xiongman

Confirmation of the first TV match - Matthew Selt v Kyren Wilson. You can also watch Stuart Bingham v Ken Doherty on the Eurosport player if you want. Selt leads the head 2-0 but Wilson has improved dramatically over the past few months. This should be a good encounter and hopefully a close one. I will also keep you updated on the other 7 matches this morning after each frame.

KW 0 - 0 MS (0-0) Selt breaks off in this best of 7 match.

KW 7 - 1 MS (0-0) Selt starts us off with a long red and opens up the pink with a cannon on it. He takes the blue to continue the break - or would have done if he hadn't missed it. Wilson picks up with a good red and then the pink.

KW 41 - 1 MS (0-0) This looks like a good chance as the reds are spread reasonably well. The black is tied up but the pink is free as mentioned before. He could do with getting the blue back on it's spot though. The break continues steadily enough but he has to take the blue when he is slightly out of position. It is over the pocket so easy.

KW 49 - 5 MS (0-0) He pots a red behind the black. It pots but position goes awry and he has to play safe off the brown. He then pots the yellow by accident and Selt puts him back in. Good safety.

KW 49 - 13 MS (0-0) Selt finds a red to left centre but then misses the pink. He gets second prize with a good run of the cue ball to leave everything safe. Selt is in with a red to the left corner and has the pink to follow.

KW 49 - 25 MS (0-0) There is a red near the black that will need to be freed before this is a really good chance. The other two reds are near cushions but available. He decides to play safe off the red by the black.

KW 49 - 36 MS (0-0) Wilson cannot get out of the snooker first time. Back it goes... Four more points given away... Third time lucky and Selt is hampered. Good pot though.