Gibraltar Open: Final Day



KW 1 - 29 MS (2-0) He nudges the red away from the black and remains on it. He plays on a plant in the bunch but JUST misses. He leaves an easy starter on for Wilson.

KW 29 - 29 MS (2-0) Wilson uses the pink (at the bottom of the pack) to split the five reds that were tied up and they open up nicely. He draws level with a black.

KW 29 - 38 MS (2-0) He misses the next red though... That was my jinx - sorry Kyren! Selt finds a red to the middle and now has a chance of halving his deficit.

KW 30 - 53 MS (2-0) Selt pots a red and then ends up with the cue ball tight on the cushion. He still pots the black and has a red to the right middle but again tough cueing. He misses it but Wilson cannot pot the red he is left. Selt misses again. This time Wilson has an easier starter.

KW 50 - 53 MS (2-0) The last two reds are not easy - he pots one down the bottom cushion. The other is on the left hand cushion. He drops in behind it and the colours are all on their spots. Well potted.

KW 0 - 0 MS (3-0) Wilson clears the colours to go one away from victory.

Meanwhile: Bingham 0 – 40 Doherty (2-0) Day 17 – 26 Fang (3-0) Walker 66 – 20 McGill (1-0) Lisowski 40 – 14 Perry (0-3) Burden 0 – 0 Donaldson (3-0) Yu 0 – 0 Cao (1-1) Tian 1 – 0 Zhang (1-1)

KW 5 - 0 MS (3-0) Selt again misses a red into the right corner pocket and there is a possible red on for Wilson but he opts for safety instead. Selt misses the reds... and Wilson is left a red on this time. He pots it with the rest.

KW 7 - 0 MS (3-0) He has to take a yellow when position isn't great but he can get back down to the business end of the table. Or not as he is slightly short so plays a red with safety in mind. The first part doesn't work but the second does.

KW 7 - 7 MS (3-0) The reds are being opened up with the safety shots. Selt gets a red into the right corner this time and follows with the pink.