Gibraltar Open: Final Day



RD 59 - 75 JP (0-0) He has the red down the cushion but misses it. Day pots it as it is left over the pocket. The colours are not the most straight forward and Day goes in off the yellow. Perry sinks it, the green, brown and blue. Day comes back for snookers.

RD 0 - 0 JP (0-1) Perry flukes the pink and takes the first frame.

Meanwhile: Walker 0 - 0 Wilson (1-0) Bingham 52 - 59 Cao (0-0) Donaldson 39 - 36 Zhang (0-0)

RD 1 - 1 JP (0-1) Day opens up the second frame with a long red and is on the black. He misses the black when trying to free some of the reds. Perry in with a chance.

RD 1 - 14 JP (0-1) He has to take a mid-range red after being the wrong side of the blue but no issues. He goes for the black down the left hand cushion. Good pot with the rest but the next red will not be easy. He misses a long one to the green pocket.

RD 14 - 14 JP (0-1) Day pots the red which was on to the right middle and has the blue on. He is better on the reds and the black is available in to both bottom pockets. A red levels the scores.

RD 57 - 14 JP (0-1) He misses a cannon a red by the pink to open up the remaining ones. There are couple open - one up the table and one just right of the pink which he takes off the blue. The split off a a loose red works as planned and he is on the black.

RD 0 - 0 JP (1-1) Day clears the reds but misses the yellow with a break of 86 to level up.

Meanwhile: Walker 0 - 0 Wilson (2-0) Bingham 0 - 0 Cao (0-1) Donaldson 0 - 44 Zhang (1-0)

RD 0 - 0 JP (1-1) Perry plays an aggressive safety to open up the reds but Day cannot pot the possible one he is left on. Good length on the cue ball though.