Gibraltar Open: Final Day



RD 0 - 16 JP (1-1) Perry finds a red and is on the black. While the reds are open he will need to play accurate positional shots to make this break a big one.

RD 0 - 45 JP (1-1) He starts with reds and blacks (there is £25k on offer for a max this week) but has to go up for the blue and a red up the table. He opens the reds a little more from the blue.

RD 8 - 56 JP (1-1) A positional shot goes wrong when he has to go in and out of baulk. He misses a red down the cushion and again it is left on for Day. He pots it and is on the black.

RD 43 - 56 JP (1-1) He splits the reds from the pink and they are all in the middle of the table. Position is not great on the blue for the penultimate red but he cracks it into the left corner. Back in good position now.

RD 0 - 0 JP (2-1) Day clears to the black with a break of 67 to go into the lead.

Meanwhile: Walker 62 - 0 Wilson (2-0) Bingham 16 - 40 Cao (0-1) Donaldson 32 - 4 Zhang (1-1)

RD 4 - 0 JP (2-1) Perry misses the reds when cueing from the baulk cushion... back it goes. Good hit next time and Day is forced to open the reds up a little with a containing safety.

RD 12 - 0 JP (2-1) Day is in first with a long red to the left middle and is on the black. That is used split the bunch. He hits them well but he cannot pot the long red he is left.

RD 12 - 4 JP (2-1) This time Day misses the red thin...back it goes. Good escape the next shot and then Perry finds a good line to a red on the bottom cushion.

RD 17 - 5 JP (2-1) Perry finds a plant but has play safe in behind the green. Day escapes first time. Day breaks the deadlock with a long red but is snookered on the pink. He takes the green instead.