Gibraltar Open: Final Day



RD 25 - 5 JP (2-1) He hits the yellow but has a red over the left middle. Well potted but the white runs too far. He tucks Perry behind tight up behind the brown. He escapes but leaves a red on for Day and he is not on the black so better chance.

RD 43 - 5 JP (2-1) The reds are all in a line by the pink so he takes the open ones first. He will need to get good position on these reds to make this a frame winning chance. He ends up playing safe when he cannot get on one from the blue.

RD 51 - 5 JP (2-1) They spread the reds far and wide with safety shots. Perry tries one into the right corner and misses leaving one on for Day with the rest. He gets the black back on it's spot.

RD 75 - 5 JP (2-1) He pots frame ball red and is on the pink. The last three reds are available as well so he should be one frame from victory now.

RD 0 - 0 JP (3-1) He makes a break of 71 to the pink.

Meanwhile: Walker 0 - 0 Wilson (3-0) Bingham 16 - 40 Cao (0-3) Donaldson 9 - 1 Zhang (1-2)

RD 8 - 0 JP (3-1) Day is in first again with a long red to the bottom left corner. He uses the black to free a few more reds from the pack.

RD 29 - 0 JP (3-1) He nudges more reds out of the way as he works around the black spot. I was about to say all reds and blacks but he goes up for a blue... Or rather a brown.

RD 35 - 0 JP (3-1) A split from the blue does not go as planned as the connection from Gibraltar acts up a little. I can hear it raining there so that might explain the poor signal. Anyway - Day opts for safety.

RD 48 - 0 JP (3-1) Perry makes the safety mistake and Day pots a red with the rest. A little close to the blue but he used that to split the reds from the pink to help the break down that end of the table.