Valspar Champs: Final Round



Evening all and welcome to the final round of the Valspar champs. I'm sure this will be much more entertaining than watching paint dry. @dralanwilson here to take you through the opening 9 holes of the leaders.

Here's the leaderboard at 18:00 GMT

Already out of date as Tiger and Sneds hole putts for birdie. Patrick Reed off to a strong start too, just missing birdie on 2 as does playing partner Sam Burns.

Leaders have just teed off - Conners and Rose the final pairing. Sends up first on 2nd - co-leader at -9. Long iron for position and it looks pretty good from here. Tiger next - all I can see behind him is a bunch of iPhones. Idiots. Tiger safely on the fairway at 2.

Back to 1st - Conners just off the fairway right. Big slice from the rough - in the trees right and could be hazardous. Not the best start from the youngster. Quickly back to the sky cart as Tim takes us through some video footage suggesting Tiger could be back to his best. Bad news for every other golfer out there.

Treading water here for some reason - I'm guessing the host broadcasters are selling shit to our American cousins.

Back to the 2nd - Sneds with about 160 yes - short and leftish. What can Tiger do from the ideal spot? About the same is the answer. 2 2-putt pars coign up I fear. A the 3rd, Reed is pin high, just left of the green with a makable fringe putt. Previously, Rosey has hit his second to the fringe at 1, so a monster eagle putt for him.

Great lag putt from Rose and he'll join the club at -9. Conners now playing 4 from the rough at 1 - needs a good touch to escape with a par... not bad, but not what he wanted at 1, i.e. an 8 footer for par when everyone else is picking up at least 1 to par.

Woods prowling the green - surely just looking for a 2 putt par here. 52 feet to the hole FFS. OOH, left it about 4-5ft short. Conners babies it down, half an ounce of weight short and that's an opening bogey. Drops out of the leading group. Sneds, meanwhile races his birdie putt past at 2 and he's still away. LOL . Up ahead Reed races his birdie putt past too.

3 putt SNEDEKER. Who saw that coming? Tiger's 5 footer is safely in and we now have 2 leaders at -9. ALL CHANGE !