Man City



Here's the city line up

And here's stoke's

Rodriguez in for Diouf for Stoke and Fernandinho and Sterling in for city. A cold monday night in stoke is exactly where any high flying premier league team is expected to trip up and the fitness of some of city's players could be a concern. Stoke are very near the bottom of the table but have only lost once in their last five games, including creditable draws against Leicester and Bournemouth.

City in their dark kit today, Stoke obviously in their usual red and white. The home team get the game started

Fairly balanced at the moment, neither team really out of their own half convincingly. (2)

Long goal kick from butland and Allen fouls silva in midfield. Free kick is a bit useless and stoke go on the attack but otamendi and zinchenko deal with it (4)

Ok so my internet has decided to give up on me so i’m typing this using the data on my phone, i’ll try to get it sorted ASAP

Ok I still haven’t got it working but there has been a goal for David silva! (9)

Apparently it was very good, sterling gets the assist which is big news for my fantasy team who currently have 8 points

I have a history of missing early David silva goals but at least I wasn’t being sick in a bin that time (long story) the internet is back and sané has won city a corner (12)