Sloane Stephens
4 3

Daria Kasatkina
6 6



Good evening everyone! Anna here, and thanks to Mr. Federer finishing up in under an hour, we should be getting underway very shortly with tonight's next match; Sloane Stephens v Daria Kasatkina. Both ladies have been playing well here, beating Victoria Azarenka and Katerina Siniakova respectively in the last round.

It's all very sunny in Indian Wells, and a balmy 28*C, compared with it being dark and 4*C here in NI. The players are just coming out onto court.

As we get underway with the warm-up, Stephens won the coin toss and elected to serve. The winner of this match will go on to play Caroline Wozniacki in the fourth round.

Off we go, Stephens to serve.

A long rally to start us off, but Stephens finishes by pushing a backhand wide; 0-15. LOVELY passing shot from Stephen; 15-all. Great angles from Kasatkina, and Stephens slices into the net; 15-30. Good serve; 30-all.

Annnnd another; 40-30. A deep second serve from Stephens gives her the hold, and she's on the board to start us off.

Stephens not looking to let Kasatkina away with any short second serves; 0-15. Stephens firing a backhand wide; 15-all. Good swinging serve from Kasatkina; 30-15. Annnd a good one down the T this time; 40-15. A good return from Stephens, and Kasatkina can only hit into the net; 40-30. Big first serve, and that's the hold for Kasatkina.

Great defence from Kasatkina, but even better attack from Stephens, as a forehand winner flies down the line; 15-0. Kasatkina firing long; 30-0. Eeek, Kasatkina is wide down the line; 40-0. The Stephens forehand catches on top of the net, and Kasatkina takes advantage; 40-15. Double fault...40-30. Kasatkina fires long on the return, and Stephens gets the hold as we go to the first sit down.

Fabulous return from Stephens, again taking advantage of that short second serve; 0-15. A much better serve this time round; 15-all. Eek, Kasatkina unleashing on the forehand, but it flies wide; 15-30. Big first serve; 30-all.

Great angles from Kasatkina to draw the error on the Stephens backhand; 40-30. Biiig backhand from Kasatkina, and she gets the hold.