Sloane Stephens
4 3

Daria Kasatkina
6 6



Lovely net play from Stephens; 40-30. A good first serve, and she holds to force Kasatkina to serve for it again.

A few long shots in that rally, but it's Kasatkina that goes too long; 0-15. Annnnd again; 0-30. Lovely cross-court forehand from Kasatkina; 15-30. Stephens fires long; 30-all.

A well-placed serve from Kasatkina, and Stephens goes long on the return; SET POINT. Annnnd another return goes long, giving Kasatkina the first set.

Will we be going three, or will this be a straight-set win?

Right, Stephens to serve first in the second set. She's not off to a good start right enough; 0-15. More than makes up for it on the next point and there's nothing Kasatkina could've done to get a racquet on that; 15-all. Stephens nets; 15-30. Kasatkina pushes a backhand long; 30-all.

Stephens goes long, and it's BREAK POINT Kasatkina.


Lovely backhand down the line from Kasatkina, and she draws the error; 15-0. WHAT A LOB FROM KASATKINA! WOW! 30-0. The Kasatkina backhand flies wide this time; 30-15. Fabulous return from Stephens; 30-all.

Stephens going for the cross-court backhand, but it's a bit too wide; 40-30. Good closing down of the net by Kasatkina, and she holds to consolidate the break.

Not the best slice in the world from Kasatkina; 15-0. Much better on the next one, however; 15-all. Kasatkina nets; 30-15. MASSIVE return from Kasatkina; 30-all.