Sloane Stephens
4 3

Daria Kasatkina
6 6



Lovely backhand down the line from Stephens; DEUCE.

A trading of errors and we're back to deuce...

Great play from Stephens, pushing Kasatkina back to draw the error. ADV.

Kasatkina goes back behind Stephens to draw the error; DEUCE. A good serve though; ADV Stephens. Incredible angles from Kasatkina, back to DEUCE...

Stephens firing long with the backhand; BREAK POINT.

SAVED as Kasatkina goes wide on the return; DEUCE.

Stephens gets the hold! She's on the board in the second set!

Never mind KissCam, we’ve got DanceCam going on in the stands at Indian Wells. I think I’d be a bit too hot and bothered to be dancing around!

In the time it took me to get my internet to co-operate, Kasatkina has gone up 40-0 in her service game. Great going there...

And a timely first ace gives her the hold!