Sloane Stephens
4 3

Daria Kasatkina
6 6



A much quicker hold for Stephens this time around, too, as we go to the sit-down.

Solid returning from Stephens, and she finishes the point with a lovely forehand winner into the back corner; 0-15. Incredible angles from Kasatkina; 15-all. Biiig first serve; 30-15. Stephens not quite getting that return back; 40-15. A better return this time, and Kasatkina nets; 40-30. A fabulous angle on the serve, followed by a forehand down the line. Kasatkina holds.

Lovely serve and forehand combination from Stephens; 15-0. Kasatkina unleashing on a forehand and it flies wide; 30-0. Good return from Kasatkina; 30-15. FABULOUS cross-court backhand from Stephens; 40-15. Stephens firing long; 40-30. DEUCE...

A good serve from Stephens, and the return flies long; ADV. Stephens fires wide; DEUCE.

Oooof, an inside-out forehand from Kasatkina, but it drifts long; ADV Stephens. A deep return, and Stephens fires wide again. DEUCE.

Good serve; ADV. Some fabulous net play from Stephens, and she gets the hold.

Right, can Kasatkina keep her break advantage? A fabulous angle on the forehand; 15-0. Stephens was all over that point, but some incredible defence from Kasatkina digs her out of a hole; 30-0. Double fault...30-15. Great lob from Kasatkina! 40-15. A nice serve and forehand combination gives her the hold.

Stephens to serve to stay in the match...

Oooh nice slicing from both players, but it's Kasatkina coming out on top; 0-15. BIG RETURN; 0-30. Kasatkina fires wide; 15-30. MASSIVE forehand from Stephens, and it just drops in; 30-all.

Cross-court forehand winner from Stephens; 40-30. Stephens fires long; DEUCE.