Angelique Kerber
0 2

Daria Kasatkina
6 6



Kerber firing wide on the return; 40-30. SET POINT. An ace, and Kasatkina takes the first set.

Right, a better set for Kerber please.

A massive forehand winner from Kasatkina; 0-15. Kasatkina nets the return; 15-all. Kerber pushing Kasatkina out wide, and she nets; 30-15. Kerber fires long; 30-all.

FABULOUS net play from Kerber, that one wasn't coming back; 40-30. Eeeeek, a lucky net cord for Kasatkina. Just what she needed obviously. DEUCE.

BEAUTIFUL backhand down the line from Kerber; ADV. YES! A forehand winner back behind Kasatkina, and Kerber is on the board!

Kerber nets the return; 15-0. Annnd nets a backhand; 30-0. Kerber going long on the return this time; 40-0. BEAUTIFUL forehand from Kerber; 40-15. Deep hitting from Kerber to push Kasatkina out of court; 40-30. Kerber fires wide, and Kasatkina gets the hold.

Kasatkina going long on the return; 15-0. Not the best of dropshots from Kasatkina; 30-0. She changes her racquet. Another long return; 40-0. Double fault...40-15. Kerber fires long; 40-30. Annnnd again; DEUCE.

A bit of everything in that point, from lobs to dropshots and even a pass, Kerber comes out on top; ADV. Gaaaah another double fault; DEUCE.

Lovely forehand down the line; ADV Kerber. Annnnd she follows it up with one into the net. DEUCE.

Kerber fires wide; BREAK POINT. Kerber sends a backhand into the net, and Kasatkina breaks in the second set.