Champions League Quarter Final Draw



BARCELONA v ROMA SEVILLA v BAYERN MUNICH JUVENTUS v REAL MADRID LIVERPOOL v MANCHESTER CITY First legs on 3/4th April, second legs the following week - 10/11th April.


Tim Bonville-Ginn

Oh my god who do I support in the all Brit game!?

Good morning everyone, and if you like a) draws and b) me, you're in for a treat! We have live coverage of the Champions League and Europa League quarter final draws, and I'm in the hot seat for both of them. @Ugster1 with you, and I'll be enjoying this much more after Arsenal swept aside (yes, really) Milan last night.

Nice to see that UEFA has its priorities right and is using the Champions League draw as the warm up act. That draw is first, and will start in a few minutes, Well, the coverage will start in a few minutes, who knows when we'll actually get around to the draw itself. Although I note BT have planned a different programme at 11:30, so there remains cause for optimism.

The names in the hat for the Champions League quarters as follows: Barcelona Bayern Munich Juventus Liverpool Manchester City Real Madrid Roma Sevilla

Some tasty names there. Not sure there's any team that would be seen as obviously the weakest and therefore the preferred draw. Perhaps Sevilla, although a Mr 'M', currently of no fixed abode in the Manchester area, may disagree.

We've just had some highlights, and it seems we're actually moving to the draw itself! Although I've been fooled before...

As I suspected, it's a false dawn - another UEFA suit chatting, offering congratulations, etc. Just get to the balls, man! (insert your own appropriately salty joke here).

Here comes Andriy Shevchenko, the Champions League final ambassador, don't you know. Does he get to eat his body weight in Ferrero Rocher in that role? Guess not, still looking pretty trim.

I haven't brought you the details of the deathless chat on stage, for obvious reasons. I can see balls! (insert your own, etc., etc.). We're off!