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Afternoon all. It's Rome for the latest installment of "Chappers has to watch ITV".

Hordes of Scots have invaded the the Eternal City, but it's more Tartan Blanket than Tartan Army, this crowd

So, what's at stake today? (ITV are burbling on about some match at Twickenham)..... THAT'S AFTER THIS ONE YOU ******

Italy will finish bottom no matter what, it's a face-saving win or at worst a face-saving bonus point they'll be after. Sergio Parisse will be hoping to avoid a 100th defeat in an Italian jersey. Yes. 100 defeats. Few players reach 100 caps, let alone 100 losses for a national side

For Scotland, they could finish second, with the tight combo of results, but a win will see a top half finish in the table for just the 4th time in 6 Nations play. Personalluy, I'll settle for them being able to pass to a team mate when in scoring position.

The lineups are as follows..... now I'm off for a quick pre match lunch

My home town pipe band providing the soundtrack out on the pitch. A class mate hosting the show. We're taking over!

Players taking the field, Italy have won the toss and will kick off apparently. I'm nervous for this one. Most sides take beating Italy for granted. Not us. They tend to turn us over when it's least expected. No better side for them to end their 16 match losing run

Anthem time. Two of my favourites these,

Settle back, this will take a while