Rugby U


ITV have handed over to Twickenham, time for me to hand over too. Rob Sutton will be along to see if Ireland can clinch a third ever Grand Slam, or if the mercurial Australian has managed to patch a couple of wheels back on the chariot. Arrivaderci

Fitness, and the lack of winning pedigree, cost Italy there. Had the game well under control after an hour. Went into prevent mode, ran out of legs and Scotland were able to use their experience to get over the line. Possibly the Russell injury helped. His polar opposite at 10 probably applied a little more control over the finish of that match

What a finish. Scotland, somehow, somehow eke out a win. They were largely second best throughout that game.

Clock is red, Price picks up at the foot of the scrum, boots for touch and it juuuuuuuuuust sneaks out.

Tommy Allan is man of the match

Italy have a minute... they are charging forward, and ohhh... Steyn has it slip from his fingers. Scrum time, Scotland will take their time, it's all about getting the clock to red and hoofing it out.

YASSSSSSSSS. The wee man had no doubts.

Around 1 minute to play

Back for the penalty, and it's wee Greeg from the 22, 6/7 m in from the right touchline.

Advantage for Scotland. Shout of free ball as Laidlaw tries to find a chip through. Comes to nought.