Rugby U


Yup.... a few season back, Chunky Duncy Weir won a game here for Scotland with an injury time drop goal.... it might come to that again

1 day over 5 years since italy last won in Rome.... blimey!

Scottish lineout. In Italy's half. Patience.... patience..... and the drive is on, into the 22

Advantage for Scotland. Shout of free ball as Laidlaw tries to find a chip through. Comes to nought.

Back for the penalty, and it's wee Greeg from the 22, 6/7 m in from the right touchline.

Around 1 minute to play

YASSSSSSSSS. The wee man had no doubts.

Italy have a minute... they are charging forward, and ohhh... Steyn has it slip from his fingers. Scrum time, Scotland will take their time, it's all about getting the clock to red and hoofing it out.

Tommy Allan is man of the match

Clock is red, Price picks up at the foot of the scrum, boots for touch and it juuuuuuuuuust sneaks out.