Rugby U


Hamish Watson breaks up the play almost getting the turnover se we go back to the offside penalty. Plenty of phases for Italy, a poerful scrum and almost 6 minutes of possession. All pluses. For Scotland, they've been solid in defence. Need to see them get some ball.

Allan nails the penalty and the home side lead.

Scotland with a lineout off the restart, All a bit chaotic so the referee calls it back

Nick Grigg making yards up the middle has Scotland back up to the Italian 10 m line

Russell, Hogg and Maitland combine to take play up to the 22. Seymour takes the advantage and gets to within 5


Fraser Brown the scorer. Off Seymour's break, Russell stepped and wove to within 1m of the posts, the ball was slowed, but was back quick enough to find a huge Scottish overlap to the right. Brown watched the bouncing ball carefully before gathering and plunging over.

Laidlaw's conversion stays to the right of the posts. Scotland lead 5-3 after 11mins

Laidlaw with a box kick that lands securely in Parisse's bread basket on halfway. He rumbles forward and wins a penalty for a "seatbelt" tackle.

Allan finds touch 10m from the Scots line. Catch and drive?