Rugby U


Yup.... though the drive part really didn't get going.

No matter. TRY!!!!

Scotland Under 20 international, Tommy Allan finishes off the approach play with a lovely step inside Jones, and he's behind the posts. Adds the 2. It's Allan 10, Scotland 5 after 15

Mistake from Hogg as he fumbles a catch into touch. Italy on the front foot again

Feed not straight by Viol. Free kick for Scotland, who have elected to take the scrum.

They get another free kick, try to run it, and Russell over cooks a chip for Maitland. Out on the full, Itlay ball in Scottish territory

It takes a Ferrari bulldozer to break the line, then Minozzi takes Italy deep into the 22

TRY!!! A beauty!

Minozzi with another try. 4th of the tournament.

Lovely little grubber kick, having spotted the sweeper wasn't there. Minozzi with the pace to beat Watson to the ball. It's been all Italy, other than the two minutes where Scotland scored.