Rugby U


Key defensive stand that.

Scotland looking to build again from just inside their own half. Russell with a chip over the top. Violi flinches and kicks the ball onto Russell's hand and it's adjudged a knock on.

Little bit lucky for Violi that, he wanted no part of big Finn charging at him

Shade over 3mins till half time. itlay scrum, close to their own 10m line.

Allan sends the ball into Scotland's 22. Hogg returns it. A poor kick from Allan follows that becomes dangerous Italian possession from a series of ricochets and half charge downs.

It's now a Scotland penalty after a neck roll, and a little handbaggery

Scotland up to halfway as we go into the last minute of the half

Clock goes red as the Italian D continues to stymie Scotland

They win the penalty for not releasing. Allan pushes them up to Scotland's 22. Going for gold here

Off the top at the lineout and they are using quick ball to good effect