Rugby U


5m out now

Scotland have slowed it a bit

Through hands and Grigg just brings down Minozzi.

Turned over. Big moments for Scotland those. Italy with all the fluency and a defensive plan that has had Scotland largely probing toothlessly. But. A try saving tackle by Grigg and a big stand by the forwards to earn a turnover have kept it a 5 point game at half time.

Decent first half that. Coffee time

Well. So far, so Scotland v Italy. Can the Italians sustain this performance level? They have a history of fading late in games. Can Scotland make adjustments? They've been a bit off their usual pace so far. As much through what Italy are doing as by their own hand.

Should be a belting second half.

What's all that "Dilly dilly" nonsense about? If anything should be taking a trip to the pit of misery, it's anyone who uses "Dilly dilly"

Italy out on the field. Scotland stil receiving a Townsend lecture.

Changes for Scotland, the entire front row has been swapped. Reid, Brown, Nel off, Bhatti, McInally and Fagerson on