Rugby U


Italy with a turnover on halfway. TRY!!!

Bellini made the first break, into the 22, the ball was shifted, went loose and just as the momentum looked to have gone. Negri gets the ball in space and rumbles over.

Hold up, we have the TMO being called upon. It's coming back, the ball was knocked on. Parisse made a pass that was behind the intended receiver, it came off his hand and went forward.

Real let off that for Scotland. Now, got to make the most of it.

Hogg up the blind side from the scrum, makes good ground, which is then wasted as Fagerson loses it forward

TRY!!!! No doubt about this one surely.

Allan again. The changes in Scotand's front row have NOT worked. Fagerson spills the ball, Italy work it, to Polledri who bulls his way through a soft attempted tackle by Wilson, feeds Allan on the inside and he's over for his 2nd try of the game.

Simple conversion and Itlay are doubling up the Scots after 46 minutes.

Polledri, born in Bristol, plays for Gloucester, hadn't seen Italy play (other than TV presumably) until last week

This is getting away from Scotland. No composure or execution once again. A Townsend hallmark. Italy growing in confidence with every carry