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3' France recover the ball, and Wales are penalised at the breakdown trying to steal the ball back. France lineout on the Welsh 22.

4' The mauls rolls towards the touchline, where it goes to ground and France recycle. DROP GOAL for France. Well hit by Trinh-Duc. Wasn't expecting that.

TRY for WALES!!!!

That was fast...

France let the restart bounce, thinking it wasn't going 10m, and Wales recovered the ball. A nice kick ahead by Stef Evans, and Liam Williams takes full advantage of a dodgy bounce to touch the ball down for an instant response. Halfpenny has missed the conversion. No-one's ever typed that before, or so it feels...

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

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Sam Johnson

@Bythemintowers :D

8' France have found an overlap out on the right, and are up over the Welsh 10m line. They're lucky to keep hold of the ball as it dribbles out the side of the ruck, and they've lost it now as Vaahamina drops it. Kick ahead for Halfpenny to chase, and while he can't reach it, he does force a Wales lineout 10m out...

9' Penalty awarded to Wales as France join the maul at the side, and Halfpenny is going to try to erase the memory of missing his first kick. He does so. No chance of him missing two in a row. PENALTY to Wales.

12' Davies clears after the kickoff, but the ball is punted straight back by the French. Box kick from Davies doesn't achieve much aside from giving away possession, and France have the ball on the Wales 10m line.

13' France have dropped the ball again, and Liam Williams has the ball on the wing. Oh dear. Wales have an overlap, but Parkes wastes it by kicking straight to touch.

14' France penalised for a dangerous clearout at the ruck. Huge kick by Biggar, and Wales will have a lineout just outside the French 22.