Rugby U


30' Pre-engagement by France, and Wales opt for another scrum from their free kick. Box kick by Davies is recovered by North, and Wales have the ball in the French half.

31' France penalised for a high tackle, and this is within Halfpenny's range... Fifth penalty conceded by France in the first half hour, compared to Wales's 1.

PENALTY to Wales. Halfpenny's tally up to nine

34' Wales clear their lines from the restart via Biggar, but here come France with the counterattack. The red defence is doing well so far, but it's quick ball for France...

34' That pass was way, way forwards by France, and it's a Welsh scrum. France are looking mostly pretty good, but there have been a few soft errors.

36' Another Biggar box kick, magnificently taken by Liam Williams! Wales up to the French 22...

37' Liam Williams makes another couple of metres, but Wales have been penalised at the breakdown. Bastereaud doing a good job over the ball there.

38' France are on the Wales 10m line, as 'Allez les bleus' rings out around the stadium. Tipuric holds the maul up, and Wales have won themselves a scrum.

40' Another scrum penalty for Wales, and they'll have a lineout deep inside the French half as we enter the final minute of the half...

40' Liam Williams upended in midfield, but Wales have kept the ball and are inching forwards, Scott Williams up to the 22... Where he's penalised for holding on. France kick for touch as the clock goes red, and there's one more play before half time.