Punta Del Este EPrix



Evening all. @aidanleape here for another round of Formula E action, this time from the Uruguayan city of Punta Del Este. Rip some disc before we get going

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Loving the choice of song!


Glad someone else has an appreciation for what I thought was my ropey taste in music!

10 minutes or so until the race, so let's catch you up with Qualifying. Lucas Di Grassi was on pole, but he's been demoted for not obeying track limits in Super Pole, along with Alex Lynn and Oliver Turvey. Don't ask. Anyway, it means Jean Eric Vergne will start on pole for Techeetah

As you see, that pole for JEV will really help him as he looks to lock and load that top position in the drivers standings. His nearest rivals, Felix Rosenqvist and Sam Bird start this race 12th and 9th respectively. We'll run you down the grid in just a minute. I mean, I would do it now, but it's nearly race time, and I'm rushing around scoffing down dinner and shaving, so you'll excuse some tardiness.

Oh, hang on. I've found the grid. You can have it now. This is what the FIA published as provisional. It could be all levels of wrong. But, it seems the grid is as thus: Vergne, di Grassi Lynn, Turvey Abt, Buemi Lotterer, Engel Bird, d'Ambrosio da Costa, Rosenqvist Mortara, Piquet Jn Filippi, Evans Heidfeld, Lopez Prost, Blomqvist. Got it. Good.

Right then. Time for a prediction from you lot then. Give us your 1-2-3. I'm backing the defending champ di Grassi to get his season really knocking. I'll go di Grassi, Buemi, Abt

Right then, a hectic build up, but you know everything you need to know. LOAD THE TERRIBLE LIGHT SEQUENCE VT.

Forward the cars roll then. No real breaking down until T5 on this first lap. Could be carnage. WE. ARE. RACING.

What a start from Vergne. He's absolutely nailed it off the line. Abt is looking to squeeze past Turvey. Don't think he's made it stick though. All appears to be formation flying.

L1/37: Sensible start by all really you'd have to say. No stupid moves as we started this race, and as a result there are no bits of cars in a bin bag. Down the track. Piquet has dropped from 12th to 15th I think, but helpfully all the graphics are broken. Lotterer and Bird make contact as we start lap 2. Piquet is down in P15. Lost out to Filippi, Rosenqvist and Evans.

L3/37: CRIKEY. Lotterer has almost binned this in P6. Caught the chicane at T15 and went a-flying. Just managed to hold a slide and keep it out of the barriers. Meanwhile, Nick Heidfeld is in trouble. His car is stopped at the edge of the track, and can't seem to get the car rebooted.