Moto GP 3: Qatar

Moto GP


Hello everyone! A very excited Ewan here, ready to cover the first Moto3 race of the season! It is also John McPhee's 100th race, and so we will all be hoping for a podium for him. He has landed himself 12th on the grid, however with the nature of Moto3 he still could win! The race will begin in around 12 minutes, so let's look at the grid as a whole.

The Italian Niccolo Antonelli takes pole from hotshot favourite Jorge Martin by a thousandth of a second. A large gap behind on time, finishing the front row is Gabriel Rodrigo who impressed everyone with some great results last year. A brilliant time from Sasaki takes the Japanese rider to 4th place, followed by Toba and Bezzecchi.

Any rider on the top 15 could win today, however the favourites are certainly Antonelli and Martin. Either the top 10-20 will have a large battle for the lead all race or the top few will breakaway and it'll certainly be Martin's race.

Of course, we are in Qatar, one of the greatest circuits in the world. The home straight is huge, a mile long, and these small Moto3 bikes really benefit from slipstream!

If Martin can't breakaway on lap one, it'll almost certainly be a pack battle for the lead.

The warm up lap begins! Who will be able to take the first race win?

I'm hearing everyone on medium and medium tires except John McPhee, his team mate and Bezzechi who have hard rears

It's time! the red light goes out! GO GO GO!

Antonelli leads into turn one with Rodrigo right behind! On turn 4 Rodrigo pushes into the lead before Martin taking the lead for himself from 3rd! He has to breakaway....

Meanwhile, at the end of lap one John McPhee sadly falls to 20th on his new CIP