Roger Federer
4 7 6

Juan Martin Del Potro
6 6 7



Hello everyone! Sue here to bring you the story of whatever is about to unfold in the Indian Wells Mens Final! It's definitely the match up I hoped for at the beginning of the tournament, even as a non-Fed fan! The BIG question, if you saw yesterday's Semi Final is which Roger will turn up today. It was far from his finest hour although, as with all great champions, he got the job done!

Anna Logue

Please God don't let it be yesterday's Roger!

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

I agree - much better for JMDP to win against tip top Roger! ;-)

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So Roger leads the H2H by 18-6 but only a fool would discount DelPo. I'm super thrilled to see him nearing the top of the game again and would LOVE to see him snatch this from Roger (sorry Anna!).

"One of them's going to go after and win this thing." Is that the best bit of redundant commentary ever?

Here we go! Roger serving first and PLAY! First point to JMDP as Roger hits a forehand long. Levels with a solid first serve that DelPo nets. 15-15 JMDP lands the next return wide off the second serve. A rally! And the first glimpse of *that* DelPo winning forehand. 30-30

Two big first serves and that's Roger safely on the board. RF 1 - 0 JMDP

First blood to Federer as JMDP nets a forehand 0-15. And THERE's the backhand down the line that Federer was looking for yesterday! 0-30 Fabulous volleying from JMDP, eventually the error from Fed. 15-30 Brilliant defence from DelPo against a fantastic return from Federer. 30-30

JMDP takes the next point - and the next, as Federer overhits a cross court forehand into the trams. All square. RF 1 - 1 JMDP

Roger making light work of the next game. Some solid first serving - although as I type that the next one lands in the net. Lovely forehand down the line from JMDP for 30-30.

Another first serve into the net. A rally off the second serve - one of the longest so far - lovely tennis from both guys - Federer finishes with a sublime inside out forehand. 40-30. A shorter rally - it finishes with a forehand into the net from DelPo. Federer holds. RF 2 - 1 JMDP

Anna Logue

What a rally!

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

They are such great shotmakers!

Our first challenge of the match - was it an Ace from DelPo? It certainly was! 15-15 Seriously. That forehand. No wonder the commentators are talking about the level of respect that Roger is showing to DelPo. If he can get both the first serve AND the forehand firing consistently, Roger will have his work cut out for sure. An easy hold to 15. RF 2 - 2 JMDP