Naomi Osaka
6 6

Daria Kasatkina
3 2



Kasatkina nets the backhand; 15-40. Kasatkina firing long this time; 30-40. Osaka fires long again, and KASATKINA BREAKS.

A lovely backhand from Osaka, but she follows it up with a forehand that goes long; 0-15. FANTASTIC angle from Osaka on the return; 15-all. Another great angle, and Kasatkina fires long; 15-30. More great hitting from Osaka, and she brings up TWO BREAK BACK POINTS.

Not that my internet let me see it, but OSAKA BREAKS BACK.

Kasatkina making inroads in the Osaka service game again, and it’s 15-30. Osaka gets it back to 30-all.

Ooh, a lovely forehand from Osaka lands RIGHT on the side line; 40-30. Kasatkina's response is a nice backhand down the line; DEUCE.

Kasatkina fires wide; ADV Osaka. Great net play from Osaka, and she gets the hold!

Osaka sends a forehand into the net; 15-0. Kasatkina goes back behind Osaka, but she's on it. She eventually draws the error, though, as Osaka fires long; 30-0. INCREDIBLE angles from Osaka, right up at the net; 30-15. Osaka nets; 40-15. A good second serve from Kasatkina, and it's a hold for her, too.

Osaka goes long on the baseline; 0-15. Ahhhh lovely forehand from Osaka; 15-all. Another fabulous angle from Osaka, drawing the error from Kasatkina; 30-15. BEAUTIFUL forehand from Osaka, going back behind Kasatkina; 40-15. Osaka nets, after Kasatkina gets her on the run; 40-30. Osaka holds!

A great angle from Osaka on the return, and Kasatkina goes long; 0-15. Osaka nets; 15-all. WHAT A RALLY! A pity it ends with an Osaka backhand into the net; 30-15. Osaka sends a backhand long; 40-15. GREAT return from Osaka, and she finishes well at the net; 40-30. Osaka sends a forehand into the net, and Kasatkina gets the net.

Great serve; 15-0. Followed by a double fault...15-all. Eeeek, Osaka not quite getting the luck with the net cord there; 15-30. 30-all.