Naomi Osaka
6 6

Daria Kasatkina
3 2



Ahhh Osaka sets up the backhand down the line well, but she nets it! BREAK POINT.

An ACE takes her to DEUCE. Kasatkina nets; ADV Osaka. Some more great angles, and a backhand down the line. Osaka gets the hold!

Kasatkina fires long; 0-15. Annnnd again; 0-30. Osaka going long on the return; 15-30. Oops, Kasatkina goes long again, and it's TWO BREAK POINTS FOR OSAKA.

Osaka going for the backhand down the line, annnnnd IT'S IN! SHE BREAKS!

Osaka serving for the set then. A forehand from Kasatkina is long; 15-0. Deep hitting from Osaka to draw the error from Kasatkina; 30-0. Osaka finds a big first serve and brings up THREE SET POINTS.

Kasatkina with a fantastic angle on the return; 40-15. Buuuut a massive backhand winner from Osaka takes the next point, and seals the first set!

Kasatkina gets Osaka out of position for the backhand; 15-0. Ooooh, fantastic cross-court forehand from Osaka; 15-all. Kasatkina fires long; 15-30. Eeek, Kasatkina goes for a bit too much on the forehand, and it's TWO BREAK POINTS.

Osaka goes long with the backhand; 30-40. A double fault, and Kasatkina surrenders the break.

Whoops, Osaka sends a forehand into the net; 0-15. Ooh, lovely couple of backhands from Osaka; 15-all. Good first serve; 30-15. Kasatkina firing long on the return; 40-15. Annnnd another good serve seals the hold.

Osaka rushes the net, and Kasatkina can't do much about it; 0-15. Better serving from Kasatkina; 15-all. Good 1-2 play from Kasatkina, pulling Osaka out of court; 30-15. Osaka sends a forehand long; 40-15. Lovely inside-out forehand from Osaka; 40-30. Another good serve seals the hold, and Kasatkina is on the board.