FC Dallas

Seattle Sounders



Good evening. James Leahy here, again. MLS action for you to end your week. FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders, aren’t you lucky.

Kick off is due at 9pm, but as we know with the MLS it will be a bit after that.

FC Dallas team

Seattle team.

As predicted, we’re starting way after 9pm. Will be back shortly.

KICK OFF! Seattle get us underway

1’ a lovely sunny day in Texas, a crap snowy and cold night in Bradford. Oh the high life. 0-0

1’ Early Shot for Dallas which is saved by the Seattle keeper, I’m going to be really crap with names so I’m sorry. 0-0

3’ Long ball nearly splits the Seattle defence but they stand strong. 0-0

3’ Oh we have a band playing as well, lovely. 0-0