Ding Junhui

Mark Allen



Good evening and welcome to coverage of the first day of the Players Championship. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) to take you through one of the first round matches: The matches tonight are Ding Junhui v Mark Allen and Shaun Murphy v Kyren Wilson. World Snooker has not confirmed which one will be televised as yet but once they do I will update and also change the title of the story.

It appears the TV match will be Ding Junhui v Mark Allen. However I will keep you updated on Shaun Murphy v Kyren Wilson as well. The matches are best of 11 frames in the first round.

Now that I know what match I am focusing on - I can actually check on head to heads etc! Ding Junhui leads the head to head 6-3 (ignoring Championship League). Mark Allen lost in the first round in Romania last week (against Kyren Wilson) but Ding hasn't been in the best of form himself either this year. That all leads to this being an interesting match up and probably a close encounter.

The players are being introduced to the crowd - table 2 first and then Mark Allen and Ding Junhui. Ding breaks off in frame one.

DJ 0 - 7 MA (0-0) Allen is left a red to the bottom right corner and sinks it right into the heart of the pocket. He has the blue but the cue ball is rather close to the right cushion. No problem to get on his next red.

DJ 0 - 34 MA (0-0) He is just about on the black and a nudge on a red moves it into a better position for his next shot. He moves a couple of reds from the pack when potting the black. He pots the blue but is unable to get out of the baulk area when he hits the green. He goes for the loose red and misses. Nothing on for Ding.

DJ 0 - 34 MA (0-0) They are rolling up to the reds from the bottom cushion at the moment and trying avoid opening up the reds too much. Until I type and Ding opens them up...

DJ 0 - 68 MA (0-0) Ding leaves a red over the green pocket for Allen - easily potted. The reds are spread all over the table and the colours are available although not on their spots. He pots frame ball red.

DJ 0 - 0 MA (0-1) Allen mops up a few more balls until he misses a red on 39. Ding concedes.

Meanwhile: Murphy 0 - 6 K Wilson (1-0)