Hi. Caroline aka @toongirl83 here to take you through tonight’s Masterchef. It’s the last week of heats, so who’ll make it through to the quarter finals? Find out here!

As ever the Market Challenge is first. Pick your ingredients then cook a dish for John and the Shouty Man. Theres everything from cheese to quail and squid

35 yr old Kenny, from Worthing, a bank manager is cooking pan roasted quail, fondant potato and red wine reduction

Eleanor, a finance worker from London is doing ravioli, veloute and crispy ham bits

55 yr old Chris, from Cheshire is doing cod with fennel, beans and potatoes

Barrister George, from London, is cooking gnocchi with mushrooms and pesto

Tasha, a graphic designer from Northampton, is doing mushroom ravioli with chorizo oil

32 yr old Mans, originally from Lebanon is doing squid with ricotta and pomegranate salad

Lynne, from Derby, a probation officer, is cooking pan fried quail and red wine reduction with a bonbon made from the leg. So the same as Kenny's dish really

Kenny's up first with his quail. John likes everything but the beetroot, and Gregg is impressed with the whole dish