Mark Selby

Ryan Day



Good afternoon and welcome to further coverage of the Players Championship. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). The TV match is Mark Selby v Ryan Day but I will also keep you updated with action on table two between Mark Williams and Yan Bingtao.

Mark Selby is World Number 1, but Ryan Day has won the last two events (Gibraltar and Romania) so is in good form at the moment. The head to head is 7-2 in the favour of Selby (excluding Championship League matches). The last match between them was in this event last year when Selby won.

MS 0 - 0 RD (0-0) The players on both tables are introduced to the crowd. Table 2 first and then Ryan Day and Mark Selby. Day breaks off in frame one of this best of 11 frame match.

MS 8 - 0 RD (0-0) A red is left on to the left corner pocket for Selby and he pots it well. A cannon on the black means it is left on. That was very lucky though.

MS 24 - 0 RD (0-0) He goes in to the pack from the black but is not able to get on a red as he would like. He plays safe off one and it is a very good one. Day can only play a containing safety in return.

MS 24 - 8 RD (0-0) Day has to take on a long pot as there is on obvious safety and sinks it with ease. There is a pot on the black but very thin. No problem and he now has a good chance with the reds open.

MS 24 - 37 RD (0-0) The pink is not on it's spot but all the reds are open and the blue and black are easy to work with. Day's break is progressing steadily without having to cannon any balls.

MS 24 - 70 RD (0-0) The table looks to be playing better than last night and/or Day has found the speed of it very quickly. He goes up for a blue when position is slightly awkward on a red but no problem getting to the next one. The blue is potted for frame ball.

MS 0 - 0 RD (0-1) The break ends up being a clearance of 107.

Meanwhile: M Williams 4 - 24 Yan (0-0)