Heather Watson
6(3) 2

Beatriz Haddad Maia
7 6



Hellooo everyone, somewhat earlier than expected, due to an unfortunate retirement, I will be bringing you coverage of this first round match between Heather Watson and Beatriz Haddad Maia. I thought that these two had played each other a lot more than once, but I'm wrong. Haddad Maia won their last meeting in Acapulco this year, so Heather will be looking for a different result this time!

Live scores are showing this match as getting underway in around 10 minutes, so hopefully we don't have too long to wait!

Right, the screen is zoomed out, so I can't quite see if it's the players on court or workers.

We are still waiting on players, I am not neglecting to update you!

I think it says 'not before 17.15 GMT' now...

We have movement! Please let it be the players.

Here we go, we have players!

The heat rule is in play today, so they can have a break before the decider if we get that far. Lovely first day of Spring in Miami, then!

Haddad Maia wins the coin toss, and she has elected to serve. Warm-up time!

As usual, feel free to leave your predictions down below. I'm going with Watson in 3, but I could be completely wrong, as I quite often am with these things!