Premier League Darts



Good evening!! James Leahy here taking you through all the premier league darts action tonight.

Here are tonight’s matches

The last time MVG played Michael smith, it was a record breaking average from the world number one.

The first match will get underway in around 10 minutes time, join me then.

It’s a massive week for Peter Wright, consecutive 7-1 defeats means the Scotsman is in deep trouble. Along with Price, Gurney and believe it or not, Gary Anderson.

UP FIRST! Daryl Gurney vs Mensur Suljovic. Big game for both.

Both players on their way to the stage...

Gurney to throw first.... Game on!!

HOLD! Double 16 for Gurney to hold his throw in the opening leg. Gurney 1-0 Suljovic

HOLD! Double 2 for Suljovic to also hold his throw. Gurney 1-1 Suljovic