Australian GP: Practice 1



I'll be back just before the start of FP2 in a couple of hours. Cheers!

And the slower times in FP1.

The first Practice Session is finished and Lewis Hamilton was the fastest man on track. Here's the top 10!


VET out on track now which leaves just MAG in the pits but nobody seems to be improving, which you'd maybe expect. VAN improves to 10th, half a second behind ALO.

Scratch that, RAI gets back out for the last two minutes or so.

MAG, RAI and VET are the only cars not out on track at the moment.

The other McLaren of VAN is up to 12th now, 1:26.5 for the Belgian who begins his second full season with McLaren this season.

8 minutes to go now and we've once again got more than a handful of cars on track. ALO has gone back in after his latest run and RAI looks like he's got a problem in the pits which looks like its ended his session early.

Oooh, this is more like it! ALO moves up to 8th now as he's managing to get a good run of laps here. 1:24.8 and 1.8s off the pace which is about right for where they are now. They'll be wanting to get closer to 1.5s behind but progress is progress.