Costa Rica



GOOD EVENING FITBA FANS! International football is back. Yaldy. Not. I'm Roddy Graham and I've drawn the short straw by being the guy chosen to bring you the MbM for Alex McLeish's second coming as head coach of the national team. Costa Rica are in town. Yeah, I know. I'm so excited. Teams in the tunnel. I'll drop them in the next update if any of you care.

Here's the glorious Alex McLeish XI. McCentral.

And yer Costa Rica XI looks exactly like this.

The national anthems are just being sung inside Hampden. Let's just say it's far from a full house. It's probably closer to an empty house if I'm being honest. Anyone know how much tickets were for the game? Anything over a tenner is over the top.

Underway at the home of Scottish fitba. A flat pack furnished DIY disaster of a house. Although the new kit does look smart. So that is something. Early corner for the visitors but headed away well by McBurnie. Who I reckon is the new Steven Fletcher. And I don't rate him either...

Really lively start from Costa Rica, especially down the left flank. Looks like they've targetted that as their way through our back line early doors. We're hardly getting a sniff. You can see exactly which team will be in Russia this summer on this basis...


The Costa Rica manager is a fella called Oscar Hernandez. He looks like he'd be a great lead actor in some drug mule drama on Netflix. His side certainly are on a high right now in this game.

There are a few names in this Costa Rica side that you'll know of. Keylor Navas in goal, Bryan Oviedo, Bryan Ruiz and Christian Gamboa too. Really talented side. But not much of a draw to the Scottish punter by the looks of the sparse crowd. They're knocking the ball around well just now, albeit in their own half.

More pressure from the visitors with Hanley having to deal with another corner. It's men against boys stuff so far. You can see why we struggle on the world stage when a side like Costa Rica come to town.

GOAL COSTA RICA! Did tell you they were playing well! Good cut back from Oviedo down the left (where they've targetted all night long) and Marco Urena swipes the ball into the far right corner. Lovely finish. A deserved lead.