Australian GP: Qualifying



Gooooooooddddddd morning, and welcome to qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix. It's the first time we see who's fastest and slowest on track this year, along with the first time we see the all new-F1, now with a flashy, Hollywood theme tune. I'm @a_buckmaster, and Q1 will get underway in a matter of minutes....

We've only got one penalty on the grid, and it's for the home boy Daniel Ricciardo. He didn't slow down under red flags, and therefore will receive a 3-grid penalty.

So, who's excited for the new graphics? Halo? F1 is all new this year, and Q1, is now underway....

Hulkenburg is first out to set a time.

Both Saubers are now also on their out lap, with rookie Leclerc on track. Make sure you keep an eye on him. If you watched his Formula 2 campaign, you can see how dominant he was; definitely a star in the making.

More cars now out: Ocon, Perez, Magnussen, Grosjean, Vettel, Raikonnen, Hartley, and Hamilton.

Except some faster times from last year, as, obviously the cars are slightly faster on last year, but there is now an additional DRS area that will allow for extra speed, just after the fast Turns 11 and 12

Leclerc seems to have the slowest time on track currently, he lost the rear end on the exit of the corner, and added another +0.2s on his time compared to his team-mate

Let's have a quick look at the order: RAI BOT HAM VET SAI HUL PER VAN GRO SIR MAG GAS OCO HAR STR ERI LEC VER RIC ALO Last 3 have not set times...

McLaren aint in the elimination zone! That's something we haven't seen in ages! Thank god.