South Africa
311 & 238/5




Good morning campers. Little earlier than planned I am going to bring you South Africa v Australia.

Nathan Lyon to start with after lunch. Amla facing.

Amla tucks one round the corner to open up the South Africa account after lunch. 66/1

Lyon around the wicket to Markram but the latter is untroubled. Tidy if unthreatening from Lyon as cloud develops but looks high. Rain forecast has changed. It's expected later now. 1 off. 66/1 - Lead by 122 Markram 36 Amla 16

Starc to share duties after lunch. Around the wicket to Amla.

FOUR - Great shot from Amla. Back of a length, Amla gets on top of the bounce and steers it to the right of Khawaja at gully. 70/1

Amla given out caught behind after he hooks. Loops up and caught but reviewed immediately.

Certainly hits the shoulder but did it hit the glove on the way? Nope! Successful review for Amla.

4 off and a successful review. 70/1 - Lead by 126 Markram 36 Amla 20

Amla gets away with that. No need to play such a risky shot, especially with a pitch that has shown signs of steepling bounce. Lyon continues to Markram around the wicket. 71/1