South Africa
311 & 238/5




Cummins continues to make the ball talk, getting it to lift off a length. Good over. 1 off. 175/3 - Lead by 231 de Villiers 33 du Plessis 9

Nathan Lyon on for a twirl. 7 overs for 28 so far. Around the wicket to AB.

Man half way back at long on for AB. I agree with Graeme Smith, I'd bring him up, invite AB to come down the track. Slip, short leg and a short mid wicket in place as well. 176/3

1 off. 176/3 - Lead by 232 de Villiers 34 du Plessis 9

Cummins continues.

FOUR - Slightly overpitched and Faf throws his hands at it. Not in complete control, slightly off the splice, goes behind point to the fence. 181/3

Woah! Cummins gets one to come in and spit like a cobra up at du Plessis. His hands will sting after that. 5 off. 181/3 - Lead by 237 de Villiers 35 du Plessis 13

Lyon continues around the wicket.

3 singles off the over. 184/3 - Lead by 240 de Villiers 37 du Plessis 14

Bit of chat between Lyon and the South African batsman about something or other. Cummins continues.