South Africa
311 & 238/5




FOUR - Too short, sits up a bit and Faf has all the time in the world to roll his wrists, gets on top of the ball and pulls through square leg. Good shot. 189/3

Decent bumper to finish the over but well evaded by AB. 6 off. 190/3 - Lead by 246 de Villiers 38 du Plessis 19

Lyon around the wicket to Faf. Still an in/out field.

Nothing much happening for Lyon in this inning. South Africa playing him without any issues and milking him quite easily. 191/3

FOUR - Awwww! Lyon over the wicket to AB and a reverse dab sweep to the third man boundary.

5 off. 195/3 - Lead by 251 de Villiers 42 du Plessis 20

Here's a list of the highest 4th innings test scores at Newlands. South Africa's lead is 251 and growing bigger every over:

Maiden from Cummins. 195/3 - Lead by 251 de Villiers 42 du Plessis 20

Lyon continues. Around the wicket to AB.

Bit of turn into Faf, hits the pads, appeal, given not out, reviewed.