South Africa
311 & 238/5




Lyon continues.

de Villiers played a great hand here. Great game awareness. He realised his country needed him to play a different type of knock, i.e. needed him to bat properly, stay there and get South Africa to a lead of 300+. Maiden. Drinks break. 203/5 - Lead by 259 de Villiers 43 de Kock 2

Hazlewood continues around the wicket to de Kock.

Smith has a boundary rider on the off side for de Kock. Perhaps understandable given de Kock's prowess through the off side. 206/5

3 off. 206/5 - Lead by 262 de Villiers 43 de Kock 5

Long off in place for de Kock. Really don't like that. de Kock has had a poor summer and I'd want him to go over the top given his form. Stupid, negative captaincy from Smith, allowing de Kock to rotate the strike. 207/5

More on Bancroft. This just gets seedier by the minute:

Hazlewood continues.

Loose shot as Hazlewood gets one to lift slightly outside off and de Kock swishes and misses. Single apiece off the over. 209/5 - Lead by 265 de Villiers 44 de Kock 7

Lyon around the wicket to AB.