South Africa
311 & 238/5




de Kock down the track, plays defensively, hits the pad, appeal but well outside the line. FOUR - Pitches and turns, thick outside edge and goes to the third man boundary.

SIXER! - That's more like it de Kock! Comes down the track, to the pitch and bludgeons it over long on. 13 off. 222/5 - Lead by 278 de Villiers 45 de Kock 19

Double Nelson...

Cummins back into the attack.

Single apiece off the over as this partnership starts to get going. 224/5 - Lead by 280 de Villiers 46 de Kock 20

Lyon continues. de Kock facing.

FOUR - Lyon strays slightly too straight and de Kock gets down on one knee and helps it behind square. 229/5

FOUR - Beautiful! Reverse dab from AB beats short third man and goes to the boundary and that is de Villiers' 50! A superb knock from a very special player. South Africa needed a different type of innings from today and he's delivered.

9 off. 233/5 - Lead by 289 de Villiers 50 de Kock 25

50 off 94 balls, 6 fours, 1 six for de Villiers.