South Africa
311 & 238/5




FOUR - Paddle sweep behind square by Amla to the fine leg boundary. 75/1

5 off. South Africa ticking along nicely. 75/1 - Lead by 131 Markram 37 Amla 24

FOUR - Successive back of a length deliveries down the leg side from Starc, the 2nd one goes through Paine's fingers and to the boundary. Sloppy from the usual reliable wicket keeper. 50 partnership up. 80/1

Another short ball to end the over. Amla ducks under it easily. 5 off. Australia have no control here. Smith going to his gun wicket taker in Starc but he's a little wayward so far after lunch. 80/1 - Lead by 136 Markram 38 Amla 24

Lyon to continue. 81/1

Cloud has got a tad lower in Cape Town. Strange that there's not much in the way of swing despite the constant cloud cover today. 81/1

Single apiece off the over. 82/1 - Lead by 138 Markram 39 Amla 25

Starc around the wicket to Amla. Continues the chin music. Surprised no leg gully, backward square leg or even short leg with this plan of attack. Amla got out hooking at fine leg in the 1st innings.

Overpitched, Amla drives, not properly timed but still gets a foot from the boundary before Warner drags it back to save one run. 85/1

Lights on already. 25 to 2 local time. 3 off. 85/1 - Lead by 141 Markram 39 Amla 28