Pebble Beach Pro-am



Evening all, just in from work so playing catch up here. I'm @haran2012 on twitter so feel free to get in touch

ok so Iwata is -13 and leads by 1 but the real news is coming

lets not forget this is a 54 hole cut, so lots of action on 3 courses before they settle in to a final round at Pebble Beach tmrw

so the lead is -13 but Jamie redknapp has just shown up on sky. Magic!

redknapp tells us about his struggle to get it on the tee at 1st tee st andrews in alfred dunhill links last group. Pro's were Luke & Rory

jamie R on shot tracker in Isleworth (sky studio). great to see

btw Padraig is -2 on the day. He is close to doing something low!

no apologies for pro Irish bias here but if you want a score for anyone, pls let me know

back to golf on sky! speith struggling, am I alone in believing his putting streaks cannot continue????

alphonso rivero - is that the lad from Fresh Price? he plays to a 2 handicap. Holy moley!