Roger Federer
6 3 6(4)

Thanasi Kokkinakis
3 6 7



Right, good evening everyone! I've got no enchiladas this week, but I do have chicken kievs, so more multi-tasking! Last week's beaten finalist, Roger Federer, is playing his first match here at Miami. This is Kokkinakis' second match here, and he looked to be in fine form in the first. A bit of a dilemma for me tonight, I love both players, but one must win.

I do hope it's Roger, just because it's Roger, but I'd be madder if he lost to someone else!

I would need an entirely separate blog to talk about all the injury woes that Kokkinakis dealt with over the past couple of years, because there has been A LOT.

Anyway, enough of the depressing talk, the warm-up has begun, and Federer will be serving first.

Federer is the defending champion here in Miami, so will obviously be looking to defend that title.

Kokkinakis has practiced with Federer during the off-season in Dubai, but they're no training partners today. Ready? Play.

Great first serve to start off; 15-0. Kokkinakis looking to take the return early, but there's a bit too much on it; 30-0. Federer sends a forehand long; 30-15. Much better forehand this time, Federer pulls Kokkinakis out of court, and blasts a forehand winner into the space; 40-15. ACE, annnd game.

The slice from Kokkinakis catches Federer out; 15-0. Ooooh, lovely forehand from Federer, setting him up to come forward for the put-away at the net; 15-all. Return into the net from Federer; 30-15. Double fault...30-all.

Followed up by an ACE! 40-30. Perfect placement on the return from Federer, but he sends a later backhand long, and Kokkinakis holds.

A couple of massive backhands from Kokkinakis, but Federer re-directs for a winner down the line; 15-0. BIIIIG first serve; 30-0. Kokkinakis sends the return long; 40-0. Good bit of wrong-footing from Federer, and he holds.