New Zealand




Hello all! Thomas Frost here. After the Newlands insanity we return to normality as New Zealand and England renew hostilities. Broad to start to Nicholls. So how long will New Zealand bat for?

Whole lotta leaves to start with. Maiden. 233/4 Nicholls 52 Watling 18

Ian Smith on comms struggling to disguise his delight at what's happening in Newlands...

Jimmy Anderson to bowl to Watling.

Little bit of wobble for Jimmy out there.

Back to back maidens to start with. Bit of swing out there. England, being the best part of 200 runs behind, won't be too pleased to see it I imagine... 233/4 Nicholls 52 Watling 18

Broad to continue to Nicholls who opens the Kiwi account today with a whip to leg. 234/4

Jeepers, even Broad is swinging the ball. 1 off. 234/4 Nicholls 53 Watling 18

This is what England need to do, keep things tight. Keep New Zealand out there as long as possible and the best way to do that is to keep the hosts out there as long as possible.

FOUR - Short and wide from Jimmy and slapped away through cover point by Nicholls. 238/4