New Zealand




4 off. 238/4 Nicholls 57 Watling 18

FOUR - Awww! Slightly overpitched and Watling with a gorgeous punched on drive. 242/4

A load of unthreatening shite from Broad. 5 off. 243/4 Nicholls 57 Watling 23

Umpires are getting together. Last time I said that it led to something the entire cricketing world is talking about...

Anderson continues to Watling.

Good over as the comms have a richly deserved love in for Chaminda Vaas. They were talking swing bowlers and his name came up. Probing stuff from Jimmy. Maiden. 243/4 Nicholls 57 Watling 23

FOUR - Overpitched from Broad and Nicholls drives nicely through mid on. 247/4

Interesting to see what the Kiwis team's approach is today. When is the right time to declare? Or do they have a lead target in mind?

Seam and swing out there, even for Broad. England won't be looking forward to batting again. FOUR - Short of a length, takes off and flies over Bluey's head for byes. 8 off. 251/4 Nicholls 61 Watling 23

3 slips, gully and a man on the drive at short, straight mid wicket. Jimmy to Watling.