New Zealand




Woakes continues. FOUR - Woakes goes full and de Grandhomme is drawn forward, outside edge goes down and wide of the slips. Woakes not enjoying this battle against his former Warwickshire teammate.

FOUR - That is absolutely glorious. Woakes overpitches and de Grandhomme drives straight through mid on.

Not much demons in this wicket but I am sure when England come to bat we'll make it look like a minefield.

Big appeal for a caught behind but didn't look like an edge. Hotspot shows a little something however... 8 off. 283/5 Nicholls 67 de Grandhomme 18

FOUR - Overton overpitches and Nicholls drives sweetly down the ground. 287/5

FOUR - Overton drops short and Nicholls shovels it through mid wicket. Not timed perfectly but enough to get to the rope. 291/5

8 off. 291/5 Nicholls 75 de Grandhomme 18

Are they waiting for Nicholls to get his ton or something? Lead is 233. More than enough. I'd want to get bowling before tea.

Woakes to de Grandhomme.

1 off. 292/5 Nicholls 75 de Grandhomme 19